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10 January, 2011
Manashakti's event “Search for Satisfaction”

"[1,200 people participate]

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On the occasion of the silver jubilee of Manashakti monthly, a special event “Search for Satisfaction” was conducted in Thane on 9 Jan. 2011, 9 am to 9 pm. Senior journalist Kumar Ketkar and Dr. Satya Pal Singh, Addl. Director General of Police, Maharashtra were the guests of honour. Pramodbhai Shinde, Trustee of Manashakti welcomed the guests.

Mr. Ketkar released the book 'Select Manashakti', a compilation of the selected articles from Manashakti monthly. Mr. Ketkar said, "A man having material pleasure may not necessarily have satisfaction. Man may achieve long life or even immortality with the help of science; but still satisfaction is not guaranteed. Manashakti's founder Swami Vijnananand put forth valuable thoughts before the society to achieve satisfaction in life. Satisfaction is a mental state and it should be searched within.” Dr. Satya Pal Singh said, "Satisfaction can be attained basically through good sanskars on mind; gratitude and sacrifice for society. This is our culture since time of Vedas. Manashakti has done laudable efforts to support it with science." Gajanan Kelkar, Executive Trustee of Manashakti presented the conclusions of the survey conducted by Manashakti on Search for Satisfaction. He also made a distinction between pleasure and satisfaction.

The morning session was inaugurated by Sushma Pujare, Dy. Collector, Thane and Ravindra Shinde, Addl. CEO of Thane ZP. Both the guests greeted Manashakti's efforts to build society through sanskars to children. They also appealed all to participated in the activities of Manashakti.

Free guidance was imparted on Science of Study Success, Goal Achievement, Better Parenting, Happy Retired Life throughout the day. About 1,200 people attended the program that appealed to them. The same program is going to take place in Ratnagiri (22 Jan.), Jalgaon (5 Feb.) and Kolhapur (12 Feb.) this year.

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