From: N. K. Mankar To: Date: 01 May 2003 Subject: Buddhisamvardhan and Balsamasya shibir Manashakti Kendra, Lonavala. Recently from 16 to 18 april 2003, We had attended your buddhisamvardhan and balsamasya shibir for my son dnyanesh alongwith my wife. We learnt many things from the classes conducted during the shibir which were known to us but the same were refershed. Further, children also enjoyed the teachings received there. My son also wished there itself during the stay to attend the advanced programme during next vacation. With regards, N. K. Mankar

From: Sachin Bhujgonda Patil To: Date: 27 May 2002 20:55 Subject: Feedback for 'Garbha Samarthya' To, Manashakti Kendra, Lonavala. We have attended the Class on 'Garbha Samarthya'. We had a 'Baby Girl' on April 24, 2002 and my spouse had surprising and unbelivable 'Normal Delivery'. Definitely we had Proud that 'Manashakti' helped a lot. Millions of Thanks for 'Manashakti' for taking informative classes on 'Garbha Samarthya'. We had passed same message to all of my Newly Married Friends. Regards Smt. Neeta and Shri. Sachin Patil New Panvel.

Nature’s Dear Ms Padmini and the Manashakti Pariwar, It was really nice to participate in the Mendukranti program and I must say that we have got enough to work on for next few years to ensure the development of Sangam, our son. I would like to mention that the whole program was well synchronised, disciplined and well thought about. We liked the self service concept for food very much. I would also like to put on records my sincere thanks to the SADHAKS who have taken care of Sangam during our absence. Please convey my regards to Mrs. Bapat for facilitating the program so well. - Shripad Desai.

From: Pushkaraj Patil To: Date: 10 April 2001 09:31 Subject: Thanks & next schedule for 'Garbha Samarthya' Dear Sir / Madam, While introducing myself I would like to inform you that I along with my wife had attended the Gharbha Samarthya program of your when she was 6 month pregnant. We have an baby boy of 22 days now and are pleased to inform you that all went well during the delivery. Also we are finding that our 23 day old baby is quiet active and smart for his age. Even our family doctor said that his actions are like an grown up kid. I personally feel that this is mainly due to the benefits of the program. During and after delivery we continue to listen to Gayatri Mantra every day morning. Hence THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE INSIGHT PROVIDED. Hence I have recommended this program to my friend who is expecting their baby in next 8 months. Could you please let me now the next date of the program ' Garbha Samathya'. Also are seats available in it. More ever we would like to have to booking for the VIP room for the said days. Please also inform me the contact person in andheri so that I can pay the advance here. Warm Regards, Pushkaraj Patil Andheri (w), Mumbai Tel Res : 623 6679.

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